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About Our Company

Signs and Tshirts is an advertising agency in Clearwater, FL that does custom T-shirts, custom printing, and graphic design. We help our clients strengthen their brand visually with remarkable images associated with their business. We concentrate on creating signs, customized T-shirts, web design, and abstract logo design to make a business get its name out there at corporate events and in the community. These tools are particularly powerful at trade shows and other events in which the company has a chance to brand itself one on one with potential customers.
Our versatile services include but are not limited to:
Promotional Items
Print Shop
Commercial Printing
Screen Printing
Video Editing
Web Design
We have our own printing and sign shop on site to perform all of our airbrushing, design and printing services. Our team is dedicated to designing imagery that will compliment your business and attract the attention of potential clients. We are also branching out our business into computer repair services for people who need some help bringing their computers back to peak performance. Contact us today for a visual branding you will be proud of!

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